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I’d like to personally say Thank You for whatever amount of time you have invested in visiting the JesusBillboard ministry website thus far. I hope I have gained enough of your confidence by now for you to believe that my ultimate goal in this ministry has been and will continue to be to reach as many of the lost as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to that, it is equally important for me to encourage those of you who already belong to Him to wear you faith proudly and take a stand for Him. If we will all do just that, there’s no telling how many people can and will be influenced for the kingdom of God.

With that said I’d like to ask for your prayerful and financial support to help me continue doing this as long as I can. Let me say with complete and total conviction that I personally do not believe that the gospel IS for sale nor SHOULD it ever be, nor WILL it ever be from the likes of me. I do take the word of God very seriously, and am highly familiar with every-thing it has to say that pertains to that very fact and then some. I am a very firm believer that freely we have received and freely we shall give just as the Word of God says. Because of that, anything that you read here in the confines of the content of this web-site is free of charge and public domain as far as I’m concerned! Share it with as many people as you possibly can.

If you believe that my approach to sharing the gospel in this capacity is worth investing into financially, I in-return solemnly vow to do all that I can to be out and about in the highways and bi-ways with the cross making the gospel available to as many as would dare pass by. I will be honest in telling you that I feel evangelism is the heart and soul of our faith as Christians, and furthermore I want to continue carrying the cross on a full time basis until the day He calls me home, or otherwise be somewhere telling about it. I am not lazy nor incapable of working the secular industry to support my family; I simply just am tired of giving a large portion of my fleeting hours on this earth to it when I feel they could be utmost utilized for kingdom purposes period! I feel God’s business is much more important than any earthly business I’ll ever conduct! All financial support, prayer support, or word of mouth support will be greatly appreciated and utilized accordingly to on-go and further this ministry endeavor.

The way I see it, the more that people know about it, the more curious they are to visit, the more they visit, the more likely they are to be EXPOSED to the gospel and be saved. With that said; I do fully understand that not everyone who is EXPOSED to something ends up catching it. Those with High walls of immunity and hard - hearts may not be infected with the salvation that the gospel brings JUST YET, but there are a lot of people out there whose defenses are weak, and are tired of being kicked around and tossed to and fro in life. They are searching for hope, and would gladly accept it if they just knew who this hope is found in, and told how to receive it. I vow to you to tell them about who that hope is found in! Those people YOU can and will no – doubt- have a part in helping reach with your support of this ministry. Thanks and God Bless in advance for whatever means you are able to contribute.

I must inform you that at this PRESENT time I AM NOT considered a 501(c3) IRS tax exempt charity or organization although I will pursue that avenue when the time and resources are right. Basically what that mean is any contribution YOU presently make WILL NOT be deemed tax deductible for federal income tax purposes, however your contribution will be deemed highly valuable KINGDOM PURPOSES!

Now that all of that preliminary information is out of the way: Here are a few ways that I can be contacted for support. # 1 - If the old snail mail approach is your avenue of choice or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with online transactions; by all means feel free to write or send any contribution or support to Nick Moore Evangelistic Ministries P.O. Box 267 Memphis, TX 79245. I have specifically created that avenue just for you! If you like a different avenue: The next option may better suit you.

Throughout this website you may have noticed a Pay-Pal donate button which is conveniently located in the bottom right corner of every welcome picture at the top of each page. Simply click on it; and it will guide you further as to how you can give through a Secure Pay-Pal Connection. This whole web-site is built on a secure socket layer that protects any data before transmitting it across the web ensuring the security of all transactions and information. I must likewise inform you that in order for me to utilize this fundraising feature on my website, Pay-Pal requires that I specify where or what the funds would go toward and how they would be used once I cross a $10,000.00 threshold. To honor their policy and also to inform you of what your contribution actually goes toward; A MAXIMUM capped $5000.00 per month will replace all CURRENT income per month I left behind to carry the cross on a full-time basis. That amount would sustain the CURRENT basic lifestyle needs of myself, and my family. Portions within and/or beyond that amount would go toward successive mission endeavors of carrying the cross, pursuing and obtaining legitimate IRS recognized 501c3 tax exempt status, purchasing any equipment that would make this effort more effective, marketing it, and any ongoing recurring expenses related to running this effort and expanding it.

If you would like for me to share in your church about the ministry in general or what the Lord is doing through this ministry please write Nick Moore Evangelistic Ministries at the P.O. Box address listed a few paragraphs above. Be sure to leave all of your contact information and inquiries and I will respond accordingly as soon as possible. I can also be contacted Via E-mail by clicking the following email link:

You can also reach me on the JesusBillboard Facebook page through the MESSAGING section of it. I do typically see and read everything that comes through on it. Sometimes there can be so much coming into the GENERAL comments sections that I can’t respond to every single comment, however I do see all messages and can respond accordingly to them. Thank You So Much for your role in growing this ministry and thereby reaching as many people as possible with the Good News Gospel Message of Jesus Christ!

Jesus Billboard - Contact

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